4 Bag Sample Pack - 4oz each


Undecided??   Our 4 bag sample pack will help you out!!   You have the option of trying any our Specialty Grade Coffees, to include both our single origin and custom blends.  This is a great way to either try a selection of different coffees, or to present them to a fellow coffee lover as a gift!

Our specialty grade coffees are ethically and sustainably sourced, and then roasted to order to specifications we have developed in-house.  All of this ensures that you are receiving a coffee that you will be sure to love and return for!  


Spider Monkey - Colombia (Single Origin)

Lion Tamarin - Brazil (Single Origin)

Squirrel Monkey - Costa Rica (Single Origin)

Sumatran Orangutan - Indonesia (Single Origin/Fairtrade)

Peruvian Night Monkey - Peru (Single Origin/Fairtrade)

Breakfast Blend (Blend)

Raging Ape - Espresso Blend (Blend)

Morning Lite - Decaf (Decaf)