House Blend Cold Brew Packs - Specialty Grade Coffee - City+ Medium Roast


Expertly crafted using hand-selected specialty grade coffee beans from the top coffee-producing regions of Costa Rica, Colombia, and Brazil, our House Blend Cold Brew Packs deliver a smooth and rich City+ medium roast. Indulge in the benefits of cold brew coffee, including a significant reduction in acidity and a strong boost of caffeine compared to traditional brewing methods. With 6 conveniently-sized individual packs in each bag, you can effortlessly brew a perfect cup of cold brew coffee every time without the hassle and mess. Elevate your morning coffee routine and unlock the true potential of cold brew with our House Blend Cold Brew Packs.

Recommended Brewing Steps:

  1. Drop two packs into a large pitcher
  2. Fill with 4 cups cold, filtered water
  3. Let the brew steep for 18-22 hours. (Longer = stronger!)
  4. CAREFULLY remove and discard packs (they will tear easily, so be aware)
  5. Add 2-3 cups cold, filtered water to reach desired taste.

Stir and enjoy!

This makes 1 pitcher, which is approximately six 8oz servings.  Bag makes 3 pitchers (approximately 18 - 8oz servings).

Your brewed coffee can be enjoyed for up to 2 weeks! Brewed coffee MUST BE refrigerated