Coffee Fundraiser...WHY NOT!

Fuzzy Monkey Coffee Co. proudly partners with schools and organizations of all sizes to help ensure your fundraising goals are successful! If you’re looking for a fundraiser that doesn’t include the typical candy and food that we are all too well accustomed to, then WHY NOT break the mold and provide your organization supporters with some great coffee!!
Let’s Do This!!

Profitable and Extremely Popular

Over 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee daily, making a coffee fundraiser one of the best fundraising ideas around. With our exceptional fresh roasted specialty coffees, our product offering is easy to sell and sure to please everyone. We have developed and refined our fundraising program to be extremely user friendly – making it easy, profitable, and fun for organizations of all sizes to reach and exceed their fundraising goals!


Get Started! It's Easy!

✦ Let us know how many participants you have (sales brochures will be sent directly to you – free of charge!)

✦ Distribute forms and kick off fundraiser (typically fundraisers will run for about two weeks)

✦ Collect all order forms and payment from participants

✦ Tally the orders and send Fuzzy Monkey Coffee payment of 60% of total sales, along with forms…you keep the profit!

✦ Please fill out our contact form providing as much detail as possible and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.