Kipunji Monkey - Tanzania - Specialty Grade Coffee - Light Roast


Light Roast

REGION: Kilimanjaro

ALTITUDE: 1,350 – 1,750 M

VARIETAL: Kent, Bourbon

PROCESSING: Washed, Sun Dried

CUPPING NOTES: A complex, chocolaty cup with notes of grapes, fruity sweetness and a nutty aftertaste

This coffee is a true Kilimanjaro classic. It was produced along the ridges of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro by three awardwinning farmer cooperatives.

Peaberry beans are unique – usually, only between 1% and 9% of the beans from a harvest are classified as Peaberry. This simply means that the berry grew by itself, rather than in a pair. Most coffee bean pairs grow in close proximity, creating that flat side and a curved side. Peaberry beans occur when the bean grows by itself, becoming round and fuller. Peaberry beans have twice the nutrients and flavor of a single, normal coffee bean.