Snap Chill Coffee - 12oz Can - Squirrel Monkey

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This is not your average canned coffee!!  Give it a try and find out for yourself!!

We have taken our popular Squirrel Monkey - Costa Rican coffee and have teamed up with SNAP CHILL to produce an incredibly flavorful cold beverage  

How does Snapchill compare to hot brewed iced coffee?

Snapchill coffee and iced hot brewed coffee are both made with hot water. But that's where the similarities end. Iced hot brewed coffee relies on ice which ultimately dilutes the coffee. It gets watered down and often becomes too strong, bitter or sour. It’s very hard to achieve the perfect extraction and difficult to repeat.

Snapchill™ coffee is consistently brewed at the perfect strength. It doesn't get diluted, so there's no risk of losing its perfect balance!

- No Added Sugars

- No Added Creamers or Milk products