At Fuzzy Monkey Coffee Co. we are dedicated to providing you the best coffee choices from all over the world.  As a father and son duo who are avid coffee drinkers, we wanted to bring our favorite “Cup of Joe” to you.  Our journey started as a simple one.  We loved coffee and wanted to bring our favorite beans and roasts to you.  Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of life for everyone to enjoy.  So, grab your favorite mug and GET YOUR WARM & FUZZY ON!! 

OUR History

The year started off with us finalizing our logo design, and also our bag design. After that, we spent most of the next two months waiting for our bags to be printed and delivered. Once we received the bags, it was full speed ahead (at a snails pace) with lots of excitement...more to come!!

The year it all started! Most of 2018 was spent just throwing out little comments here and there about starting our own eCommerce coffee business, but nothing really materialized until later in the year. It was around October that we really amped up the talk of a coffee business, and by the start of November, we were in discussions with a design company to have a logo and branding solution developed. The remainder of the year was completely tied up in back and forth discussions with our design team, which takes us into 2019...